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Partners overview works with a selected group of resellers and distributors from around the world to deliver the best service to their customers. Our commitment to our Partners is very simple: To deliver products with growth potential and great profitability. Just get in touch with us and we'll do the rest.

Among the many benefits of our partner program, including high-margins, deal registration (protection), training, support, demo kits, we are also planning to free offer Webinars.

If you are not yet a partner, please go to Partners/Become a partner.
If you are a partner already, please go to Partners/Login.

All prospective partners are subject to approval for inclusion in the partners program.


The Partner Role is the role chosen and undertaken by the Partner to which this Contract applies, as listed above in the field "Partner Roles". The general sections of the Contract shall apply to all partners, and the parts of the Contract which refer to rights and obligations of the Partner shall apply only in the part which refers to the chosen Role.

The partners are organised in 3 different roles:

1. Implementer IMG
2. Mediator IMG
3. Representative IMG

The Mediators within the same Territory exercise their rights by operating and acquiring licenses, versions and updates of the Products, by way of the Representative, who is at the same time also the leading Partner in the said Territory. The Representative exercises his rights by operating and acquiring licenses for the Products directly from XIPHIAS. If there is no local Representative on any Territory, XIPHIAS shall take over the role of the Representative in that Territory, and all Mediators in that Territory shall deal directly with XIPHIAS.
The Partner Roles are arranged from the simplest to the most responsible, and the Partner rights and benefits are also arranged accordingly.
Partner roles are not mutually exclusive, i.e. it is possible for a Partner to have one, two or all three Partner Roles.

DEVELOPMENT OF CUSTOM REPORT'S FOR CLIENT is building marketplace for freeXreport report developers, where developers could sell their own reports. For development of report - knowledge of database structure is of the essence - so every developer will bi linked to database/erp/mrp.

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