• web user administration released on 11/2014
  • mobile web viewer based on responsive framework to be released od 2/2015

freeXreport overview

freeXreport gives report authors everything they need to connect to data and design perfect reports for delivery over the mobile devices, web or desktop application. freeXreport delivers productivity and flexibility for report authors with a rich feature set.


Does your ERP system have limitations with reporting? Or is to expensive to order a development of new report's?
To run a business today, you have to have custom reports build in short time to be able to respond on market needs quickly and accurate.That’s why we have build freeXreports. Not many ERP manufacturers will give you this caind of quality service.

REPORTING THROUGH MOBILE DEVICES (iOS, android, windows phone)

Mobile devices are streaming into the enterprise. Instead of building your own mobile application use freeXreport to connect to existing database and deliver reports worldwide.
Connect to freeXreports web server to access interactive reports from your hand. Download mobile viewer to your mobile device from marketplace or application store. This app includes demo dataset to let you explore business data in reports, graphs on your mobile device.
Whether you are across town or half way around the world you can monitor key business metrics that are always available so you can make decisions faster and drive business performance.


You can use freeXreport to connect on any database and to deliver reports from all connected databases. With ability to dynamically generate form with parameters freeXreports is time saver for developers and customers.
If you are building your own application best solution for you is to implement freeXreports into your application. With freeXreports you don't need to:

  • build your parameter forms,
  • parameter forms are built dynamically (data driven) so they are not build in your exe file,
  • build deployment channels (with freeXreport you get web viewer and free mobile viewers for all mobile OS devices).

WITH freeXreport YOU GET:

  • everyday growing database of reports allready built for your ERP/MRP database with options to search and buy ready-to-go reports from our webshop,
  • an independent tool for feetching reports from any database, ERP/MRP system,
  • report viewer that can be run on any platform thrue web browser,
  • flexible deployment from standalone desktop or web-based reporting,
  • import/export option for reports,
  • broad data source support including relational, OLAP, or XML-based data sources,
  • popular output options including Adobe PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Rich Text Format, or plain text
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