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getXpdf FAQs

Before contacting us please consult FAQ bellow. Contact details can be found through home page menu item contact (skype, e-mail, telephone and fax)

Q. Why do I need to specify a "search" folder?
A. Your computer or network may contain hundreds of thousands of documents or files.  To allow getXpdf to work as fast as possible, it is best if you direct getXpdf to an place where all of your documents are stored, so that getXpdf doesn't spend time searching in the wrong place.
Q. Why can't getXpdf find my document?
A. getXpdf looks for the exact file name which you highlighted for your search. A common mistake is to include a space at either the start or end of the text you are highlighting or additional text(s) which are not part of the filename. It is also worth checking to see if the document is within your search folder or archive. getXpdf will only natively search the places you tell it.
Q. Why does getXpdf only open PDF documents?
A. Many people work mostly with PDF files when using Document Management Systems or Enterprise software. getXpdf is designed to make life easier if you are using one of these systems, since it first searches and opens PDF documents.
The Profesionall version of getXpdf has further functionality, which will open any type of document eg. MS Word, JPEG, MOV, WAV, MS Excel etc.
Q. Why does my screen goes flicker when I press alt+F5?
A. Some graphic card software uses the same combination for hotkey. Please change hotkey combination of getXpdf or disable hotkey in installed graphic card software.
Q. What if I can't highlight the filename inside the application?
A. If in some case you are not able to highlight the filename, you can always open the Result screen right clicking on the getXpdf icon on your taskbar and manually type the filename in the Search bar.
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